Wishing you success!

Wishing you success!

Do you remember how it felt for you? Were you ready? Did you panic? What rituals did you go through to ready yourself? Did you receive those success cards? You know the ones; those with a lady and a guy. The lady has her hand over the guy’s shoulder? And they were in some secluded plantation somewhere? The guy wore ill fitting pants and donned a fro? Now you remember don’t you? Hehe…sema kuzeeka!

A bunch of boys and girls will be braving their nerves to sit their KCPE exams starting tomorrow. For the past years since I sat the exams myself, I have not been very keen to keep track of the examination calendar unless my kin is sitting for the exams.This is one of those years. My kin (read niece) will be among the boys and girls who will enter the exam room with a fluttering heart hoping to impress their parents and everyone else in their lives.

Knowing how daunting it can be for a young teenager like her, I have (like the good aunt I am) taken the time to give her and all the candidates sitting their exams this year, tips on how to beat the nerves.

  1. Sweetheart, you start every exam with 100% not zero. Picture yourself having passed the exams already. Once you have passed in your mind, what is left is for you to transfer that success to your paper. Easy breezy!
  2. Don’t you dare entertain the thought that you are not ready because you are! These exams are a culmination of the 8 years of schooling you have had so far, not a month or a week of cramming. Trust me, you are ready. YOU ARE READY. Now say it.
  3. I am sure your teachers have already told you this: When you receive your exam paper, skim through it before you start answering the questions. Answer the easy questions first-very important. Move on to tackle the rest of the questions in order of difficulty with the most difficult questions coming last. With the easy questions out of the way, and taking less of your time, you will be left with more time to tackle the difficult questions.
  4. Give your full concentration to the paper you are doing. Not the paper you did yesterday, nor the paper you will do next – each paper has its allocated time for a reason. This is also not the time to think about your favorite musician, your favorite program or movie. You will have the whole of your December holidays and the most of January to catch up with your favorite movies.
  5. Do not allow anyone to get to you during these few days. Relax your mind, sing the ‘Happy song’ if you will, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated – but not too much to cause you discomfort during exams. Even if it rains on these days, let the sun shine in your heart. Let it warm you up (But carry your sweater still)
  6. Remind those close to you that you are doing your exams-just in case it slips their mind. This will guarantee that you get the support you need. Do not be afraid to ask for whatever you feel will help you during this period. Always remember that your parents want nothing but the best for you.
  7. Prepare everything you will need the following day; pen, eraser, clipboard…everything.
  8. Sleep early so that you wake up feeling fresh. Let your siblings knock themselves out monopolizing the TV. Send them out of your room when they insist on fighting each other. When you are through with your exams it will be payback time, let them have it. Don’t kill them though, because your mom will kill you 🙂
  9. These are just exams. One of the many career steps that you will have to take in your lifetime. One of the many. However important something seems, it is not everything.
  10. Last but not least, we got you Kiddo. Always! Don’t you forget it!

Now go ahead and slay them papers girlie. Slay them!

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