The Roaring Lady In Red

The Roaring Lady In Red

“When in doubt, wear Red” Bill Blass

“When are the elections for the PTA officials held?” She asked.

Our heads turned from her to the person she was addressing.

“The elections are held every year” he replied.

We all turned our heads to look at her. She was still standing.

“When? Cos we’ve never heard about them?” I could swear I saw a sneer on her face!

Heads turn back to him.

“Actually, the PTA officials are selected by a PTA organizing committee, not by the members” he explained patiently, ignoring the sneer.

Heads turn back to her.

“Why are you here alone then? Where are the other officials?”

Back to him

He smiled. No, that wasn’t a genuine smile. More like a ‘who-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are’ smile

“Good question. I don’t know where the other officials are either. ” he laughed


She is still on her feet. Clearly, that answer did not amuse her as it did the gentleman.

“Ever since we started coming to these PTA meetings, you’ve always been introduced as the chairman. You mean to tell me the committee has been re-electing you over and over?”

Someone in the crowd giggled. Another gave a low whistle. Claws were out!

Had we been a fun crowd (which I thoroughly regret we weren’t) we would immediately have played the song ROAR by Katy Perry as the soundtrack for this scene. I need more fun parents with a vibrant playlist in their touch screen phones to attend these PTA meetings with. “…you’re gonna hear me roar oh oh oh oh oh oh…” The lady in red was roaring alright! Imagine the above exchange happening as the song played in a low volume. That would have been fun! We were no fun! Or maybe I watch too many movies!!!

“I stand here as the PTA Chairman because I was elected as such” he answered, visibly pissed with the interrogation.

It was getting ugly people!

Md and I shared a look. He shook his head. I smiled. Where was popcorn when you needed it!

“So when is the next election?” she prodded.

She was not going to let this go, was she?

We all turned to look at her then back at the gentleman. Our head choreography was spectacular!

“December. But as I said, the organizing committee elects the officials, not…”

You could tell he was struggling to be civil. The interrogation went back and forth, and so did our heads. Back, forth.

“But we don’t even know when these elections are held. We’ve always known you as the chairman, aren’t there other people who can be elected to that post”

The guy yielded. He must have realized that this exchange was headed nowhere. He kept giving answers, while she kept asking the same question over and over.

“I will sit down now and let one of the committee members answer your questions”

He sat down. She followed suit. FINALLY! Something told me that she would stand up again for another reason. She was after all, dressed in red.

The committee member stood up and repeated the same information that the Chairman had given. YAWN!

The exchange we had just witnessed was between the PTA chairman and a parent. We attended the girls’ Academic day at their school this past weekend and all was going well, until one lady in a red dress decided to give the PTA Chairman a hard time.

Now, you would be tempted to think that the Chairman was incompetent, or did not chair the meeting as expected hence the attack from the lady right? You would be tempted further to think that he refused to let her speak her mind during the meeting, that he ignored her hand when it went up? Au contraire! He was doing a good job of chairing the meeting. He was fair and gave the lady so many chances to stand up and wow the audience with her beautiful personality, grace and charm.  He in fact insisted on hearing contributions equally from men and women alike. He said it. He said, I will give three gentlemen a chance to speak, and three women a chance as well.

“Semaequality!” I whispered to Md.

She wore a red dress and had braided hair. She was slender and from the introductions – we had to introduce ourselves, the name of our child(ren) and which class they were in- I gathered that her son was in standard 3. Allan, if memory serves me right.

The meeting had been going well, and we discussed issues that needed to be addressed by the school. Issues about changing the school uniform – they are introducing some pretty dresses for our girls, yay! – how we need more buses for transportation to and from school. Punishment issues, how flogging should be done with moderation. It was in essence a very constructive meeting. Until her claws came out.

If you ask me when I first sensed that she was trouble, I would tell you when she stood up to make contributions several times and I noticed that she was wearing a red dress. The confidence that comes with wearing a red dress! I knew there and then that she was on fire! If you ask md when he first sensed that the lady in red was trouble, he will tell you when she took every chance to take photos with her i-pad, even during moments which were in his opinion, not the standard ‘Kodak moments’.

Bill Blass said that Red is the ultimate cure for sadness. Wearing red attire builds up your confidence. They say that it gives you a presence, perks you up. It is almost like a drug! (Sssssshhhh!) Think about it. So hate the game, not the player.

Theatrics aside, I finally met Shanterina. Not my Shanterina, but Hailey’s friend Shanterina. We met her after the PTA meeting, as we were going to Heidi’s class to meet her teacher. Md is holding Heidi’s hand as we are walking, then she suddenly yells “Shanty! Shanty!” as she waved at a young girl in a ponytail. Our attention was piqued. Wait, we know that name, don’t we?! That name gets a mention in our household quite a bit. But isn’t she Hailey’s friend? We say hi to Shanterina Odhiambo as she gives Heidi a PK (chewing gum) tablet from the pack she had.  Apparently, Shanterina though in Hailey’s class, is both Hailey and Heidi’s friend. And she is the sweetest girl!

PS: I apologize for the late post. My schedule this week has been quite messed up. Forgiven? Aren’t you guys the best-est! J


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