Whose Pregnancy Is It Anyway?

Have you been waiting for this man you’ve been dating for years to go down on one knee and ask you to marry him? After the proposal, do you hope that a wedding will follow? To usher you to your happily ever after? Well, maybe you should hold that thought for a while. There is an article that was carried […]

I Am Not Your Savior – You Are!

I saw you. Brilliant. Beautiful . Breathtaking. The day was yours. Yours to enjoy, get pampered, get heard – everyone listens to the bride. Your bouquet was secured in your hands and a graceful gait affixed to your steps. Your smile; happy, exciting, uncontainable. You did not just look happy. No, no, hell no! You were happy – your eyes, […]

A letter to the ‘Unproblematic’ Woman

Dear ‘Unproblematic’ Woman, What’s new? So Shebesh endured a slap from Kidero the other day, remember? Ok, it was the other other day. You must be asking why I’m revisiting the incident now when so much time has elapsed, so much has been said about it, various reactions have been expressed, status updates posted, meme’s created…you are thinking; we’ve gone […]

For the sake of the children

I know a woman. She is in her fifties. Life has taken its toll on her for she looks nothing like the vibrant, beautiful girl she used to be. She loved life. She was adventurous and playful –  was even somewhat of a bully in school. She was the life of the party, leader of the ‘gang’. She was a […]

The Golden Heartbreak

Every woman needs one good heartbreak in her lifetime. Yes she does! I choose to call it the Golden Heartbreak. Remember your first love? You were a teenager, weren’t you? How did he make you feel? You would give anything to be with him every waking minute? You sneaked around when your parents weren’t looking? You lied to your mother; […]

Is Polygamy the solution to Infidelity?

When this question was asked by Citizen Tv during prime time news, I frowned in puzzlement. How could they ask such a question?  Polygamy is infidelity! Isn’t it? The question followed a story that had been highlighted about a Pastor from Kisumu who has four wives. “My 4 wives and I” – the news segment was called. The party of […]

Moustache & Mascara

This person sat next to me in a bus headed to the city. I was seated next to the window, like I always prefer to, and they occupied the seat next to me to my right hand side. As the vehicle snaked its way through the afternoon traffic, I became aware of an extra pair of eyes staring out of […]

Star-Crossed Lovers: A Kenyan Story

A story unfolds of a young Kenyan man in his twenties. Let’s call him Romeo. He had the hots for one woman – we shall stick to the script and call her Juliet (Every Romeo deserves a Juliet, right?). They loved each other – a good thing. But Juliet was married – a bad thing. Theirs was what qualified to […]