I’m Pregnant

A phone call. That’s all it took to transform my life from that of a carefree youth to a reluctant adult with a basketful of responsibilities. The ringing phone threatened to disrupt the engaging show I was watching on TV. For a moment, I considered ignoring the call. A glance informed me the caller was someone I enjoyed talking to. […]

Stab Me, Baby

I should have known my place. I am sorry. I should have remembered who I was dealing with. A respectable member of society. A suit-wearing family man. You. A loving husband. A caring father. A friendly, likeable, law-abiding, church-going member of our community. How stupid of me to forget that? Can you believe me? I hope you can forgive me. […]

Mother, May I?

You had sex last night? Yes. Why would I care– wait. Was it consensual? Yes. We both wanted it. Good for you. Very much. We’ve been dating for a while now. You’re smiling. It must have been good? Oh, it was. He is so, so– I have no words. It’s none of my business– He kisses so well. My whole […]

Normally, I Would Kiss You – Part 2

So what if my heart is broken? And if it is indeed broken, then what? Will it stop beating? Will I drop dead? Will I stop breathing? Will my senses cease to function rendering me useless? This broken heart will not stop beating. I have not dropped dead nor stopped breathing. And all my senses, they’re working just fine, thank […]

What If You Loved Me?

That night. You don’t know about that night. The events preceding that night, you don’t know either. And yet, even in ignorance, you won’t love me. Why? You think you know everything there is to know about the material night. It was material because that night is the only reason, apparently, that we are together today, in this thing that […]

About That Pregnancy

She buys a pregnancy testing kit. She pees on it. She waits. She drums the top of the bathroom cabinet with her long fingernails. She waits. She breathes heavily. She waits. She looks at her face in the mirror. Does she look fat? Has she added some kilos? Are her cheeks looking puffier? She waits. Her gaze travels down to […]

Ending The Pregnancy

“I am pregnant”. I watch you mouth the words. You are pregnant. Pregnant. For a few seconds, this word does not make sense to me. It sounds foreign. Greek? Pregnant? I don’t recognize it, nor understand what it means. I am not sure I have heard it before. Have I? I mouth the word myself. To taste its flavour upon […]

Can You Hear The Drums?

It is 4.17am. There is a drum beating somewhere. My eyesight might be failing me, but my hearing hasn’t bailed on me yet. I can hear it loud and clear. It beats continuously. Dam daram…dam daram…dam daram… 4.22 am and it is getting fainter. Maybe ‘whoever’ is getting tired? The beats are weaker too. Dam…da-ram…dam…da-ram…dam…da-ram No it is loud again. […]

A Happy Man

I saw a happy man the other day. A genuinely happy man. A rare spectacle in these streets. He had earphones stuck to his ears, singing along to a song that could be heard only by him. I wondered what was making him happy. He did not care that I looked at him. He smiled and kept singing, even adding […]

Two For The Price Of One (Part 3)

Kev. I remember! The night had been young. Kev had appeared. He was like clockwork, this Kev guy. And it was Friday. He always came on Friday – and we will ignore that pun. He paid well too. Too well. More than he should. But that was because he loved me. Kev loved me. Was he married? Yes. With children? […]