Yeah, What If I Loved You.

It was Valentine’s day. My phone was ringing. It was you. I was not surprised to see your name popping up on my phone’s screen. This had become our routine. I would break us up, you would stay away for a week or two, then you’d start the “Checking up on you.” phone calls. This time, I had been determined […]

How To Acquire A Heavy Heart

Get into the half-empty bus. The usual noise will greet you; murmurs from passengers and shouts from touts. Ignore the noises. Find a seat not too far behind. Sit next to the window and hope that whoever will sit next to you will not be some horny guy who will be rubbing his knees against yours. Hope hard because you […]

A letter to the ‘Unproblematic’ Woman

Dear ‘Unproblematic’ Woman, What’s new? So Shebesh endured a slap from Kidero the other day, remember? Ok, it was the other other day. You must be asking why I’m revisiting the incident now when so much time has elapsed, so much has been said about it, various reactions have been expressed, status updates posted, meme’s created…you are thinking; we’ve gone […]