Lie to me, death, illness, chronic illness

Lie To Me

Tell me that I’m beautiful. Stroke my cheek and tell me that my face doesn’t look ashy. That it doesn’t need some color because it has enough color. It has enough color, honey. That it[…]

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Love at 47, DeBarge, The heart is not so smart

Love At 47

Been there done that. That’s what you think. You’ve had relationships. Enough to know how to handle them. You’ve been married. It didn’t work out. You sought divorce. Signing those papers came with some awareness.[…]

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Goodbye Husband, Marriage, Twitter, Facebook, Girlfriend, Husband

Goodbye Husband.

You’re in a hurry to leave, I know. Your girlfriend is waiting for you outside. In her car. I know she drove you here. You don’t want to keep her waiting, I know. I know,[…]

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