Stay And Yell At Me – Part 1

Isn’t that what they say? That don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? So we’re in the car, right? And it’s not a big yellow taxi, no. It’s just a humble Camry that we bought a few months after our wedding. We skipped an extravagant wedding for this baby. You and […]

With This Ring

Sunday afternoons are perfect for telling romantic stories. As you sit in your bedroom, able to witness from the window the sun hitting the earth so fiercely that it could light a fire. With the wind blowing in through the open windows sending relief to your sweaty body. With the sound of the swishing tree leaves that obey the wind […]

Let Him Who Is Without Sin

This is completely unnecessary. I stand up anyway and walk to the front of the church. She had told me that her conscience was eating her up. That she wanted to come clean to her husband and seek his forgiveness. What good would come out of that? Who really needed to know that she and I had been unable to […]

You are an Alcoholic

It starts with a kiss (doesn’t it always!). Your lips touch the glass (or bottle) with naïve curiosity. You take a sip and taste the liquor on your tongue. Doesn’t taste so good, you think. You wonder what the fuss is always about. You feel it burn your throat slightly as it makes its way to your stomach. First mouthful […]