Mother, May I?

You had sex last night? Yes. Why would I care– wait. Was it consensual? Yes. We both wanted it. Good for you. Very much. We’ve been dating for a while now. You’re smiling. It must have been good? Oh, it was. He is so, so– I have no words. It’s none of my business– He kisses so well. My whole […]

Normally, I Would Kiss You – Part 2

So what if my heart is broken? And if it is indeed broken, then what? Will it stop beating? Will I drop dead? Will I stop breathing? Will my senses cease to function rendering me useless? This broken heart will not stop beating. I have not dropped dead nor stopped breathing. And all my senses, they’re working just fine, thank […]

A Happy Man

I saw a happy man the other day. A genuinely happy man. A rare spectacle in these streets. He had earphones stuck to his ears, singing along to a song that could be heard only by him. I wondered what was making him happy. He did not care that I looked at him. He smiled and kept singing, even adding […]

Alone in a crowd

I looked up and our eyes met. His cold and grim, mine scared and surprised. How is it that he spotted me amidst  this mammoth crowd? He kept his eyes on me. OMG! There were about five hundred people gathered here, why me? He was unfazed that I had seen him. He seemed not to care that I could out […]