The Whore On The Third Floor – Part 1

I’ve heard the whispers. The whore on the third floor. That’s what my neighbors call me. Forgive my neighbors for their lack of creativity. I mean. Really. And don’t worry that I’ll be offended if you called me that either. I’ve earned it. I have more sex than my womanhood permits me to. So I’m a whore. I sometimes introduce […]

Love Me Or Die

Till death do us part. I fear that sentence. But they will tell you that I fear commitment. Like commitment is something to be fearful of. She even said it. My girlfriend, Anna, I mean. Beautiful as hell. Sexy as fuck. We’ve been dating for three years according to me. A million and five years, three thousand months and six […]

Stab Me, Baby

I should have known my place. I am sorry. I should have remembered who I was dealing with. A respectable member of society. A suit-wearing family man. You. A loving husband. A caring father. A friendly, likeable, law-abiding, church-going member of our community. How stupid of me to forget that? Can you believe me? I hope you can forgive me. […]

Give My Husband Back

The year is 2018. The time is 11:37 PM, on a Monday night. The location is somewhere along Kandara Road in Kileleshwa, Nairobi. I step out of the shower, I dry myself, tie a towel around my petite frame, brush my teeth and slip into my nightgown. I then settle on the couch to watch an episode or two of […]

Mother, May I?

You had sex last night? Yes. Why would I care– wait. Was it consensual? Yes. We both wanted it. Good for you. Very much. We’ve been dating for a while now. You’re smiling. It must have been good? Oh, it was. He is so, so– I have no words. It’s none of my business– He kisses so well. My whole […]

One Day She Will Turn 40

She calls you Daddy. A word that only leaves her mouth when she really needs something that only you can provide. Otherwise, if she can find it somewhere else, she’d rather look somewhere else. Because as much as she calls you Daddy, she also calls you Fear. Now she plays with flowers and butterflies. She mixes mud with water to […]

Normally, I Would Kiss You – Part 2

So what if my heart is broken? And if it is indeed broken, then what? Will it stop beating? Will I drop dead? Will I stop breathing? Will my senses cease to function rendering me useless? This broken heart will not stop beating. I have not dropped dead nor stopped breathing. And all my senses, they’re working just fine, thank […]

Forgive Me For Not Crying

I haven’t cried yet. I know you are no more. If nothing else, the conspicuous casket that is stealing all the thunder in today’s gathering is a dead giveaway – pardon the pun. I know that after today, after we lower you to the open ground that is waiting to swallow you up, I will never see your face again. […]