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My body is literally sprawled on the couch. No, I did not finally solicit the services of a shrink, thank you very much!

I am watching the World Cup finals. It’s Germany pitting against Argentina. I am not watching this game because I love football much (much) more than my beauty sleep. Nor because I am so knowledgeable on matters football. I am not doing this because I suffer from insomnia (I am in fact very sleepy!) No. I am watching the finals because I am a sport. I am keeping Md company. Unlike me, he loves football. He is knowledgeable on matters football and he is not sleepy. Plus I had a bet to win. I supported Germany, he supported Argentina. Guess who lost! Guess who is getting herself a new pair of shoes! Woot! Woot!

I promised him that I would not fall asleep. That I would watch the game (I am a sport remember?). That I was eager to witness ‘my’ team trash ‘his’ team. He wasn’t convinced given the ‘sprawled on couch’ posture I had assumed. I promised. Then I fell asleep in the twenty ‘something-th’ minute.

Not my fault really. The thing about me is that my productivity is at its peak from morning (read 4 am) when I wake up, and it keeps dwindling as the day progresses, up until  the time I go back to sleep. After 7pm, I am dawdling through the remaining activities of the day. I am a Zombie at this point. So, don’t go taking my word for it when I make promises about activities that require my attention during those hours because I will disappoint you. During this time, I am only good for quiet (meaningless) chatter, leisurely activities like filing finger nails, applying nail polish, watching comedy, sprawling on the couch…you know? Nothing serious.

Knowing this weakness, I try to cram all the important stuff on my to-do list into the morning hours. If it spills over, I have no choice but to start with it the next day. I write early in the morning when my mind is top notch. I then post blog posts, read blogs, read articles, news items, books, in the afternoon. 
You therefore have to understand that I wanted to watch the game. I wanted to. But, of course, I drifted off to sleep. I remember waking up briefly to some commotion about a goal by Argentina. Then it was cancelled atioffside. I asked Md what this “offside” business really meant. Was it just a ploy by the referee to deny a team a rightfully-earned goal? He almost jumped at the suggestion seeing as he was supporting the offended team, but opted to try and explain it for the umpteenth time. I have never been able to grasp the ‘offside’ concept. I wasn’t getting it now either. Not because I don’t generally get stuff, but because…well, I am a zombie from 7pm, didn’t I tell you? He gave up talking to himself after a while and resigned to watching the game ‘alone’. I slept. Maybe I snored (he insists that I snore can you believe that! Me, I think that when one’s team is about to lose a game, the ‘disgruntled’ loser can say crazy things!)

Half time came. I woke up briefly then snored away (As if?!).

When I woke up next, the score read Germany 1, Argentina 0. Only then did I really wake up!

“Do you smell something?” I asked Md.

He looks at me puzzled ‘What?’

“VICTORY!” I shrieked. (Don’t you love that World Cup Ad? ‘The Diehards’ make me smile always.)

“Now you wake up! Now you wake up?” He asked as he shook his head.

Suffice to say, I was wide eyed as ever as I watched Germany receive with pride the world cup trophy and held it up for the world to acknowledge that they were champions. I had no ounce of sleep in me when I stretched my hand to receive my well-earned one thousand shillings from the bet with Md.

Well-earned you wonder? I slept through the march and never cheered or supported ‘my’ team in any way, right? But that is life my friend. And in life;

1.    There are people who only show up for the celebration and are nowhere in sight when you are grinding and need their support the most.

2.    There are people who will cash in on your success.

3.    People will always put their needs ahead of yours.
While still on football, learning something new never hurt anyone. So…

The offside Rule in Soccer (Defined) The law states that if a player is in an offside position when the ball is played to him or touched by a teammate, he may not become actively involved in the play.
A player is in an offside position if he is closer to the goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last defender, but only if he is in the opposition half of the field. To be offside, a player must:

§  Be in the opposition half.

§  Be in front of the ball.

§  Have fewer than two opposition players between himself and the goal line when the ball is played to him by a teammate. The goalkeeper can count as an opposing player in this instance.


Do have a lovely week!


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