How to ‘Ex-Terminate’ a looming affair

How to ‘Ex-Terminate’ a looming affair

So you have done the disappearing act perfectly well and think that a relationship you wanted out of, is dead and buried. Eons later, you bump into each other. She is still single, ready to mingle and dying to settle down; desperate for a relationship that will lead to marriage. She tried Pastor Chris Ojigbani’s renowned seminar, she once applied to The Daily’s lonely hearts column, and when that failed, she went out on a limb with facebook’s ‘divas for something-or-the-other’ only for it all to fall flat on her face.

But in an uber lucky twist of fate, just when she was about to give up and purchase a clowder of cats to keep her company in old age…Voila! Like a gift from the high heavens, here you stand!

The only problem is, once she was out of the picture you moved on, played the field and even convinced some nice girl to marry you. Your ring is in full view for her to see but she won’t accept that what you had those many years ago is kaput. She refuses to acknowledge the fact that you married your gentle, down-to-earth sweetheart. Her? She might ask. Of all the people, you married HER? (Picture her sneering and scanning her from head to toe)

With that look, battle lines will be drawn. Her mission – to get ‘her’ man back come hell or high waters. So she will make sure you bump into each other again. And again. And again. She will casually ask to share drinks (or food) with you one evening – for old times’ sake of course. During which time she will endeavor to awaken memories of your dating years. Reminders will pop up on how the two of you were so in love. How everyone expected you to spend the rest of your lives together. How she cooked mouth-watering Chapatis for you…

She will dress to kill; her dress will be cut to accentuate her curves with her cleavage peeping at you mockingly and the hem falling just above her knee, even threatening to go further up. When it comes to looking good, gentlemen, EVERY woman can put up a good show. The fact that we all know what men like makes it easy; The voluptuous behind a la J-Lo, the well endowed rack a la Pamela Anderson, the long legs a la Tina Turner, ergo the hip enhancements, the skin lightening creams (and injections), the weaves, the push-up bras…its amusing how women manage to ‘manipulate’ men.

Suffice to say, she will bring her A game to the table and she will dare you to resist all that, your marriage be damned!

Let’s face it, most men don’t have it in them to fight off an overzealous Ex. Fighting temptations has never been one of men’s strong points. However, for the few men who know what a ring on their finger means, you will be glad to know that you can actually lose a clingy ex without enrolling in cat and mouse games, or pulling a Houdini. You can thank me later.

1. Talk fondly about your wife (Your kids too if any) She cooks for you, she rocks your world, she is a great mother, etcetera. Even if she burns every meal she cooks and goes to bed in her ‘sengenge ni ng’ombe’ tee. For better or worse, remember?

2. Show off your family’s pictures if you carry some in your wallet. And please carry those pictures like you do your ID. Your family is your identity after all, innit?

3. Don’t initiate anything. A hug. A kiss. A meet up. A phone call. ANYTHING. Why do you think a woman gets mad when you call yourself her boyfriend and don’t bother to call? It’s because we know that when you don’t call, you are not interested.

4. If you bump into her at your ‘local’, refrain from buying her drinks or any treats whatsoever. If you do so you will inadvertently turn your coincidental meeting into an impromptu date.

5. Suggest hooking her up with some nice guy you know. Then go ahead and do it! Meaning what you say will help to avoid giving her mixed signals.

6. Don’t share your marital problems with her. That is the weak link she is after and as soon as she finds it, She. Will. Milk. It. Dry.

7. Understand your weakness with the female anatomy and keep your distance. If she manages to get you all alone, all confused, all vulnerable and all in her spell, then your goose is cooked.

8. If for some reason you need to call her about something; maybe to pass your heartfelt condolences for the loss of a relative (I can’t think of any other valid reason), then don’t call at night. Calls made at night have a personal tag to it and you don’t want to go personal. This means that Texting, (need I add sexting?), late night whattsappinng are all absolute no-nos!

9. No, you can’t be friends! Not if she is still hang up on you, you can’t! You will call it ‘friendship’ for so long until she starts staying up late, staring at the ceiling above her big California King bed, asking herself “What if…”

10. Cut the cord. Sever ties with her. A relationship needs care to grow. Neglect it, and it wilts away. You want to let this one die.

Try the above and you will irritate the hell out of her. She will be so bored of your marriage-wife-children-commitment-family yada yada that if you are lucky, she might start avoiding you.

Unless of course you don’t really want to lose her entirely. Would you prefer to keep her as a side dish perhaps? A scrumptious chips funga for your dry spells? No harm in stringing her along, is there? Her much needed ego-massage will come in handy when the missus gives you grief, ey? Every man sure needs one of those, right? Yeah? Really? SHAME ON YOU!


2 thoughts on “How to ‘Ex-Terminate’ a looming affair

    • Author gravatar

      My dear Renee,
      You make it sound so so simple. First, the man is a human being with feelings and weaknesses (sometimes very many of them); Secondly, mischief is firmly engrained in men’s DNA and the chance to lick the sugar behind closed doors is not only a small boy’s weakness. Thirdly, the Jezebel knows your weak areas and will go for them. Fourthly, men are genetically wired to be polygamous so one more addition sio mbaya sana.

      • Author gravatar

        Cliff, Cliff, Cliff! You make me laugh. Now who said it’s gonna be easy? Are men only supposed to do the right thing when it’s easy? Plus, I can’t believed you used the “Men are genetically wired to be polygamous” line!

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