Grab A Spoon!

Grab A Spoon!

Happy New Year!

A bit late, am I? Well, this first week of January has been crazy. What with my girls joining a new school! They are settled in now (phew!) and I have taken the first chance to burst in here and check that all of you made it to the New Year. Safe and sound, are we all? Yes? Good!

While some of you had the leisure of strolling into the New Year I had no such luxury. I, in fact, ‘Hussein-Bolted’ straight into it. I was in 2015 mode immediately after Christmas thinking of school options and planning for it even before the clock struck midnight on the 31st of December 2014.

But weren’t last year’s Holidays (surprisingly) the best! They were filled with fun, laughter, excursions, and happy moments with family! What about you? What were you up to? Wait, don’t tell me…you went down to the coast, no? Flew out of the country perhaps? Took the kids to the Mara? Went out for Nyama Choma somewhere nice? Ok, ok! Tell me then…

Haaaaa, the holidays! Don’t you miss them already? Even with the New Year progressing like it doesn’t give a damn about last year (you must have gone back to work now I presume?) I bet the holiday hangover still looms. It does, doesn’t it?

Ok, enough nostalgia. My girls settled into their new school pretty fast – as children are wont to do. On their first day of school Hailey was a bit worried.  “Mum, I hope I make new friends today”, she said. I assured her that she would. “How do you know?” she asked.

“How do I know? This is you we are talking about, Hailey! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with you? Just wait and see”

I could see it in her face that she did not believe a word that I said. The challenge we have as mothers is that even when you are genuinely complimenting your child, a small part of them always thinks that you are only saying good things about them because you are their mother (and it comes with the job description) and not because it is true.

Fine, it was partially a ‘lioness-swoops-in-to-allay-her-cub’s-fears’ course of action, but I also know my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and my compliment carried loads of truth in it. Socializing is one of Hailey’s strengths. Heidi’s too. And I am not just saying that because I am their mother.

I was proven right when, after school, I asked Hailey matter-of-factly, “What is the name of your new friend?” and she replied “Natasha!” without missing a heartbeat.

I told you so, kiddo. I told you so!

I directed the same question to Heidi “What is the name of your new friend?”

“I don’t know” came the answer

“You didn’t ask her name…wait, is it a girl or a boy?”


Trust Heidi to make friends and not bother with names. She simply loves everybody. As long as you are a person – big or small, black or purple – Heidi will love you, no questions asked.

With the kids routinely in school, the New Year has officially begun. I really have no excuses now. My sleeves are officially rolled up – the work has begun.

The year now sits before us. So promising. So new. We are merely one week into it hence the possibilities are still humongous. Our dreams have never been more achievable.

You could picture 2015 as a heaped bowl of ice cream placed before you. It comes in different flavors; vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, pistachio, banana, mango, bubblegum…every flavor you can think of. It sits before you, barely touched.

It is however melting away slowly. Soon none of it will be left. What are you going to do about it?

Will you savor it to your fill or will you let it all melt away to waste.

365 days seem like a lot. Especially now when the year is still new.  But with each ticking second, the ice cream melts. With each ticking second, an opportunity is gone forever.

Before you know it, there will be nothing more left of 2015. You need to gobble up this year before all the opportunities elude you. If you don’t let 2015 go to waste, just like ice cream, it will not leave you skinny. It will help to add some meat to your bones.

As the seconds tic and toc away, this is my challenge to you: Whatever you do, don’t let 2015 leave you the same way it found you. Add some kilos to your finances. Add some pillars to your relationship. Add some members to your small family (if you please). Add some friends into your social circles (Hailey might have already beat you to this). Add some weight to your character.  Add something positive into your life.

This bowl of ice cream that is placed before you is still frozen. It is oh-so-delicious.

It is also melting away slowly.

Grab a spoon!


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