Gertrude Mungai: What exactly is she selling?

Did you watch that episode on K24’s Connect where Gertrude Mungai, the co-host of the show, was demonstrating how some ‘mombasa raha’ positions can be carried out to maximum satisfaction? Well, if you didn’t, youtube will always help you out. I am sure you have an opinion on it, but first things first.

Did you blush when she boldly got on top of her ‘model’ and gyrated her hips as she demonstrated how to get the most out of the missionary position? Did you exclaim in disbelief as she put both her legs up in the air and showed you how to guide your partner with your feet, from behind while he was ‘at work?’ Were you tempted to believe that the world is coming to an end when she gave instructions on how to ‘kamata bonnet’ – she called that her christmas gift to us, how sweet! Or was it?

When you eventually got over your embarrassment, did you continue watching or did you switch off your Tv set in protest? At the end of it all, did you learn anything? Nothing at all? She didn’t mention a position that you particularly enjoy with your partner, did she? I remember her mentioning a few that were her favorite, did she demonstrate a few of yours as well? None? Ok, but at least she suggested something that you’ve always wanted to try out, right? You must have thought at some point “Mmmh…interesting”. Don’t lie to me now, we’re all adults here. Or are we?

So the million dollar question since the show aired in December last year, demonstrations and all, has been whether she is selling immorality or some form of genuine, much needed sex education.

Here’s a questionnaire I came up with to help us put things in perspective:

  • Is the show rated 21 years and above?  
  • Does it have married couples as its target audience?
  • At the age of 21 years are children aware of the birds and the bees sex and sexuality courtesy of their very responsible parents, the very reliable internet, or very well informed buddies?
  • During the time the show airs (11 pm is it?) are children (supposed to be) snoring in slumberland?
  • Is sex a vital part of every marriage?
  • Are married folks allowed to enjoy mind-blowing, earth-shattering, guiltless sex?
  • Does lack of intimacy or sex in a marriage contribute to its detriment?
  • Does sex in marriage have to be boring?
  • Does improved sexual performance lead to satisfaction of both parties, hence better chances of a happier marriage?
  • Does the show encourage promiscuity, unnatural acts or immorality of any kind?
  • Does sexual dissatisfaction create a disconnect between couples that could open avenues for infidelity to set in?
  • Can a show like this help a couple break the silence and allow them to communicate effectively about their sexual expectations?
  • Though they say that sex is a preserve for the  married, is it the married who hardly ever enjoy it fully?
  • Is it a crime to enjoy sex with your spouse?
  • Did Gertrude dress decently for this show?
  • Was she sexually provocative?
  • Were there any clumsy or awkward moments while she manoeuvred around the set?
  • Are we applying double standards when we watch shows that have sex scenes and nudity merely for entertainment purposes and complain about this particular one?

Again I ask, is the show educative or immoral?


6 thoughts on “Gertrude Mungai: What exactly is she selling?

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      Let me find it in youtube first. Then I will come back and answer your questions. Hehehe prepare for this one. It will be long!!!!

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        Bring it on!

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        So si I finally took my time and watched the video. The one you were talking about and a few others that Youtube felt necessary to suggest. And woi, I can’t believe that a Kenyan Chanel is now airing stuff like that. Clearly, I have been away too long! I was like wah… wah… wah!!! the whole time. Hehe.

        Just to answer a few of your questions, honestly I hope the show is rated 21 and over. It should be, and I don’t think the target audience is only the married couples, I think it targets them and anyone who is having sex. At 21, the stuff I knew about sex was from my friends, books, tv and kidogo internet. The only time my parents talked about the “birds and the bees” was when they were telling me not to do it. Lol. But that was back in the day,I don’t know about now. But one thing I know for sure is, if I had kids, I’d prefer if they heard it from me first.

        I think Sex is a vital part of every marriage. I’m not married, don’t know much about that but I think it is. And yes married people should enjoy mind-blowing, earth-shattering, guiltless sex. I mean, why not? And I would like to stress GUILTLESS. I think Sex is God’s gift to married people so why should they feel guilty about it? And really it should be good. I wont even talk more about marriage but I think both partners should be satisfied, That said, dissatisfaction should not be an excuse for a partner to cheat. They should both come together and find a solution to it. For E.g, watching Connect on K24. Hehe

        Sorry, but I did tell you this was going to be long!!! Mhhh honestly, that show shook me a little. Kwanza how she kept saying, “please talk to your pastor, let me come and talk to the women in your church.” that had me going like mhhh…? Then when she got down to demonstrate, I was so embarrassed! And the “model” that was helping her!!! Ai for me, that was a little too much. I did exclaim in disbelief as she put both her legs up in the air and showed us how to guide our partners with our feet, from behind while he was ‘at work?’ and yes, for a moment there I thought the world was coming to an end. Honestly, up until now, I don’t really know what to think of that show. I’ll admit it did leave me a little traumatized. Call me naive, reserved or boring, but no, I will not be “kamataing bonnet” any time soon and there are just places I don’t want anyone to put his toe, lol but at least she provided options.

        So to answer your million dollar question, “is the show educative or immoral?” I think that rests entirely on ones personal opinion. As for me, while I didn’t learn much that I didn’t already know from the videos I watched, I believe some may find it educational. I’m not sure I like the idea of having it airing on TV, but I think I would attend one of her private sessions. If not to learn anything new, then just for the heck of it.

        Ok relax, I’m done now. Have a nice weekend Renee.

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        Thanks A, I actually enjoyed your indepth analysis of the video and I get what you mean about youtube; you go in to watch a specific clip then they bombard you with several.
        I must say I find your disdain of ‘kukamata bonnet’ quite amusing 🙂 Over and above, I agree with you that this is actually a show that has one confused at first-boy, that woman is bold!
        From what I know about marriage (and I’m still learning alot) there is NEVER an excuse for infidelity, but it is as real as it gets. Being a form of communication in itself, I believe sex could bring couples close if not just performed as some kind of ritual that has to be performed simply because you’re married. With this closeness, I hpe communication on other fronts can flow. I hve heard spouses complain of growing distant with each other to the point of living like brother & sister. Can such a couple rekindle their fire after a session with Getrude?
        I don’t know. All I know is that since most Kenyan marriages seem to be on the verge of collapse, anything & everything should be tried to salvage it. Heck, even Getrude’s ‘antics’ hehe…something’ gotta give!

        Enjoy your weekend too A.

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      I think the attitude presented on this blog is pretentious. It is in everyone’s personal interest to enjoy intimacy with their better half. The alternatives for such information are more polluting than informative. I’d much rather be able to learn something than be distracted by nude models. We should actually be very grateful that she had the modesty to use a female model.

      I think most African women have no idea what it means to enjoy intimacy with their husbands. Intimacy is a preserve of men who don’t even get the full deal. Ms. Mungai is perhaps the most courageous woman to sensitively put forth these issues so that marriages can be stronger and couples full enjoy each other.

      She deserves a medal.

      I’m really looking forward to marriage now.


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      Dear Still Too Shy,
      If you read this post again, you will realize that me & you, we’re on the same page here 🙂
      Don’t be shy now, please get out of your shell & give me an initial to work with will you?


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