A Story Is Served

Wouldn’t you like to hear a good story? A sweet story? A delicious story served just right? With the right ingredients, great seasoning and in the best, most appropriate temperature? Would you like to hear of a story say, about love and life and the important things that make the universe go round – axis to axis? Stories that make […]

Storymoja Read Aloud Breaks The World Record

The Storymoja Read Aloud final official tally has unofficially broken the World Record for Most People Reading Aloud from the Same Text at the Same Time from Different Venues! The Storymoja Read Aloud held on June 15, 2015 managed to rally together 229,043 children from 1,097 schools across 44 counties. This number does not take into account the number of […]

Writing Doesn’t Love Me

I have said it several times. And I will keep saying it: I love you. I LOVE YOU! I have expressed my love for you so explicitly that it has left me feeling embarrassed sometimes. I have done it anyway. Because love is not love if not given away (God look what you have me quoting now!) I have never […]

Something About His Touch

A long, long time ago, I can still remember (did you just think of the song “American Pie”? Well, I did – beautiful song) going out on a date with this guy who was in campus. (That song; God, I am old school!) He suggested a not-too-shabby coffee house in town, one that was of course friendly to his allowance-financed […]

Good Romance

Now, forget Gaga (who is no lady, by the way) with her Bad Romance. Our romance was good. The best. The real McCoy. It was me and my keyboard. All day, Every day. It was steamy and hot. Almost all we ever imagined it would be. You were sweet and gentle and you smelled so good – you know how […]

The Process

Steven Pressfield (the writing tsar) tells a story in his book ‘The War of Arts’ about how after finishing his very first manuscript, he went with it to visit his mentor. He was feeling good about himself – anyone would. He had worked on the manuscript painstakingly for a long time, little wonder why he was so proud of himself. In […]

Wishing you success!

Do you remember how it felt for you? Were you ready? Did you panic? What rituals did you go through to ready yourself? Did you receive those success cards? You know the ones; those with a lady and a guy. The lady has her hand over the guy’s shoulder? And they were in some secluded plantation somewhere? The guy wore […]