Dear Kenyan Father, Happy Father’s Day!

To walk your daughter down the aisle. To take out the trash. To fix your daughter’s car engine. To give your son the contacts of the best mechanic in town. To fix the light bulb. To teach your young daughter how to ride a bicycle. To check out her fiancé when she is ready to get married and scare him […]

The Proposal

No knee went down. No ring was held out. No song bellowed from a stereo. Not even Jason Derulo’s ‘Will you marry me’ – si that would have been perfect? There was no table set by the beach, no ocean or endless waters to stare at to get the illusion of eternity. No candles danced in rhythm with a nonexistent breeze.  No […]

Writing Doesn’t Love Me

I have said it several times. And I will keep saying it: I love you. I LOVE YOU! I have expressed my love for you so explicitly that it has left me feeling embarrassed sometimes. I have done it anyway. Because love is not love if not given away (God look what you have me quoting now!) I have never […]

Dirty, Dirty Linen!

If you talk to Ambani, and you get close enough to exchange intimate details about your lives, he will tell you that I used him. Don’t believe him. At least until you hear my version of the story. And then you can decide. I am that woman you (by you I mean the bachelor, the campus student, you) call every […]

Let Him Who Is Without Sin

This is completely unnecessary. I stand up anyway and walk to the front of the church. She had told me that her conscience was eating her up. That she wanted to come clean to her husband and seek his forgiveness. What good would come out of that? Who really needed to know that she and I had been unable to […]

Something About His Touch

A long, long time ago, I can still remember (did you just think of the song “American Pie”? Well, I did – beautiful song) going out on a date with this guy who was in campus. (That song; God, I am old school!) He suggested a not-too-shabby coffee house in town, one that was of course friendly to his allowance-financed […]

You are an Alcoholic

It starts with a kiss (doesn’t it always!). Your lips touch the glass (or bottle) with naïve curiosity. You take a sip and taste the liquor on your tongue. Doesn’t taste so good, you think. You wonder what the fuss is always about. You feel it burn your throat slightly as it makes its way to your stomach. First mouthful […]

Alone in a crowd

I looked up and our eyes met. His cold and grim, mine scared and surprised. How is it that he spotted me amidst  this mammoth crowd? He kept his eyes on me. OMG! There were about five hundred people gathered here, why me? He was unfazed that I had seen him. He seemed not to care that I could out […]