I’m Sorry

I started to write a letter to you the other day. I thought I was ready. So I powered up my computer and flexed my fingers ready to start typing. I knew what I wanted to say. I had given the letter a title. I’m sorry. It was an apology letter. Naturally, those are the first words I typed. I’m […]

You Don’t Want Me

Ringing phone. Interrupted sleep. I pick the damn thing from the nightstand to answer it but place it back as soon as I see who’s calling. Maybe I roll my eyes a little. I don’t know. I check the time and it’s 6:29 am. So early for me given the late night I had. I’m supposed to still be sleeping. […]

The Whore On The Third Floor – Part 1

I’ve heard the whispers. The whore on the third floor. That’s what my neighbors call me. Forgive my neighbors for their lack of creativity. I mean. Really. And don’t worry that I’ll be offended if you called me that either. I’ve earned it. I have more sex than my womanhood permits me to. So I’m a whore. I sometimes introduce […]

Love Me Or Die

Till death do us part. I fear that sentence. But they will tell you that I fear commitment. Like commitment is something to be fearful of. She even said it. My girlfriend, Anna, I mean. Beautiful as hell. Sexy as fuck. We’ve been dating for three years according to me. A million and five years, three thousand months and six […]