A Five-Year-Old Vs An Eight-Year-Old Mind

At five years old, you really don’t care much about anything. Not about that woman on the other side of the phone who is under the weather, lying in bed with drugs running through her veins, their effect making her drowsy so all she wants to do more than anything is to grab some shut-eye, but she will not do […]

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

“Do you know where your children are? Because it’s now twelve o’clock If they’re somewhere out on the street Just imagine how scared they are” (Michael Jackson, ‘Do You Know Where Your Children Are’ lyrics) The feeling is that of anguish, frustration and immense fear. That is the emotional turmoil that a parent goes through when for any reason, they […]

You’re Every Woman

You have listened to Whitney Houston sing her rendition of Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m every woman’. You have watched the video where she dances with her belly showing the promise of life. You’ve believed that you too are every woman, just like she is. You are young and you believe that when the time comes. When the time is right, you […]

A Tale of Two Cities: Long Distance Motherhood

There I was in Eldoret, minding my own business; raising my children, writing the hell out of stories – and trying to stay financially afloat in the process – when Nairobi beckoned. I bet it thought “Huh Renee. Your life has been uninterruptedly calm of late, how about we change that darling?” Nairobi saw me, seated under the shade of […]

To Be A Single Mother

*Phone rings* Caller ID: *Name Withheld* Otherwise known as guy from the Insurance Company Little background Info: I have not updated my premiums for the last three months. I think that is why NameWithheld is calling. No, I know that is why NameWithheld is calling. Me: *Picks up call* NameWithheld: Hi Renee! Me: Hi *NameWithheld*?! How are you? NW: I […]

Hailey’s love letter

Dear Hailey, It was a typical tiresome, hustle-filled day.  I had gone to the office in the morning because the machine they gave me at my new job was slowing me down to no end. This trip to the office wasn’t enticing because you know what I love about this new job? If you answered the fact that I get […]

The Drunk Passenger

Steven Spielberg should have been with us that evening. He would have made a great movie out of this seven minute scene. He should have been there, walking next to Heidi, Hailey and I as we came from school where I had gone to pick them at 4pm. Heidi and I are walking hand in hand and Hailey insists on […]

Grab A Spoon!

Happy New Year! A bit late, am I? Well, this first week of January has been crazy. What with my girls joining a new school! They are settled in now (phew!) and I have taken the first chance to burst in here and check that all of you made it to the New Year. Safe and sound, are we all? […]

Push, Pull and Pluck!

Just as there are many ways of killing a rat, there are as many ways of extracting milk teeth. You could visit a dentist and let them take care of everything as you try to convince your child to allow him to insert metals in and out of their mouth. Or you could tie a string around your child’s tooth […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

Once upon a time…we begin. Or how does your story begin? Better still, how will it end? You know who you are. But who do you tell the world you are? My mother has a myriad of friends. Friends of all ages. Her most recent best bud has been Heidi. My daughter has been asking for her ever since we […]

The Reward

We are doing breakfast, my sisters and I. My dad did something interesting with our names. He named his first two daughter names beginning with (I), the last two he gave names starting with (V) then for the middle daughter, who sits smack in the middle of the I’s and the V’s he distinguishingly gave a name starting with ‘R’. […]