Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Marriage is scary business. If you go by Gillian Flynn’s story, you might want to stay single for a while.

So you think you know your spouse, now do you? Do you REALLY?

This is the question you will ask yourself after reading Gone Girl. Gone Girl is a story (SO NOT A LOVE STORY!) about a married couple; Nick and Amy Dunne. Lovely couple (hehe, you think!). The two were madly in love once and their love was the very nice, sweet kind of love. The fairy tale kind. The kind where the two understood each other so well. The kind where the two had so much fun with each other. Where they completed each other’s sentences. Where they celebrated their wedding anniversary every year. Where they laughed, had good sex and shared inside jokes. Where they supported each other enough to move town in order to take care for Nick’s ailing parents.

It was all good. Then they go through a rough patch. Amy disappears (mysteriously) on their fifth anniversary. During this period, the true nature of their characters is revealed and boy, it is not (absolutely, definitely, exceedingly NOT) pretty.

The story is told by both Nick and Amy (I tip my hat to Gillian Flynn for doing this so splendidly – It’s never easy writing from the point of view of two (in fact three) different characters, much less a male and a female. Gillian got skills yo!) Just when you think you know the couple in and out, what they are all about, you realize that you dear reader, do not know shit!

I turned the pages successively while reading this book. I fell asleep with the book on my pillow on many occasions. I lost considerable hours of beauty sleep because of it. Towards the end, I sought this quiet place where I sat alone, under the shade of a tree. With streams of sunlight filtering through the branches, I read Gone Girl to the end.

Then I tossed it to the ground.

Gillian, are you for real? That was it?

The ending really pissed me off! And this is not just me and my ‘few books end well’ theory. No. This book ends in an annoying way. Read it and tell me you don’t feel the same way.

I took a few minutes to recollect myself. Picked the book up from the ground, turned it back and forth as I tried to make sense of the story I had just read.

Ok. You always read stories where there is a villain and a hero right? There is some struggle between good and evil… protagonist and antagonist? In the end, the hero overcomes all and the villain gets what’s coming to them? Good wins over evil? Protagonist triumphs and antagonist goes to hell?  Well, I think I am too used to this kind of stories because Gone Girl is NOT THAT KIND OF STORY.

Gillian as a writer, a storyteller, is no joke. She is good. She is very good. And maybe there is a reason the book ends the way it does. Maybe she wanted to steer off the gagging ‘happily-ever-after’ to instead try out a “miserably-ever-after’ angle. She is true to her story. And as I think about it more, I keep asking myself; realistically, how many couples today live the way Amy and Nick Dunne live?

Maybe, just maybe, that is what some marriages are; a sick twisted life of convenience, manipulation and loveless cohabitation?

Are they?

I rate Gone Girl at 4.2 out of 5


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