Are You The Best Parent Your Children Could Ever Have?

Are You The Best Parent Your Children Could Ever Have?

He drives into the petrol station for gas. It is not a very busy station if the absence of people at what appears to be midday is anything to go by. He turns off the car engine. Gets out of the car. Punches the amount he needs into the fuel machine and goes ahead to pump the fuel into his car.

Mission accomplished, he gets into the vehicle and starts the engine. He notices specks of mud on the windscreen. He decides to clean it. He gets out of the car to get the thingamabob that is used to clean windscreens. What is it called, a squeegee? You know that one? He finds it. The water is a short distance away from where he is. He strolls further away to get the water. He then turns around in time to see a man making a mad dash to his purring car. The man gets inside the car and starts driving away. He is a car thief!

He follows the car on foot, running like crazy. He manages to jump on the driver’s side of the window as the thief drives onto the highway. He grabs the steering wheel as his feet and the rest of the body flail dangerously out of the window. His head and hands are inside the car trying to fight off the thug, with little success of course.

Suicidal is the word you want to use on this guy. He tries punching the thug, wrestling the wheel to steer the vehicle off the road. There are shouts from other motorists, screeching brakes as other vehicles veer off the road to avoid a collision. All this time, he is enduring punches from the thug who tries as much as possible to shove him off to his death. It is a chaotic scene, but he hangs onto the door and the steering wheel just as furiously as he hangs onto his dear life.

The thug eventually manages to throw him out of the window and he luckily lands on a thicket off the road, which guarantees him a few bruises. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on whose side you are on) the car crashes into a tree not too far away from where its owner lay. The thug tries to reverse the car and drive off but he is unable to. Another car pulls up on the road and the thug is ordered to “GET IN!” He heeds the advice, jumps on the waiting vehicle and the thug and his rescuer drive away to harass other citizens, we could presume.

You would think that this is where we all take a deep breath and sit back to recount what just happened. Hold that thought. The owner of the vehicle is determined to get to his car. Two ladies who were driving by and happened to witness a bit of what transpired have stopped to help. One of them dials her phone furiously – 911 we could assume. The man though hurt and unable to stand up, literally slithers towards his car using his elbows to propel him forward. One of the ladies requests him to stay still, and wait for help “Your car is fine” she says.

At this point you get a lil’ bit irritated at this guy’s obsession with his car. He almost died jumping onto a moving vehicle and hanging onto the steering wheel, and now, even with the thug gone, he insisted on getting to the car despite his injuries? You’re thinking “Take a chill pill amigo, your car is going nowhere!”

He eventually reaches the car and the two ladies watch as he supports himself on the side. Seeing them look at him in the same way any lady would look at a man who is being stubborn, he makes a clarification: “I. Am…not…worried…about…the car”, he stutters. He winces in pain as he supports his weight on the wheels of the car (he still can’t stand up) as he swings the back door open to reveal at the back of the car, strapped onto his car seat, a most unexpected sight: a frightened months-old baby!

Now you hate yourself for calling him suicidal, don’t you? Now you have a tear in your eyes (And don’t you dare say it’s just me) Now you understand that what you just witnessed is not a man obsessed with his machine, but a father doing all in his power, putting his own life on the line in the process, to protect his son. It wasn’t just the car. His son was worth dying for.

The movie was called “Courageous”. I watched this 2011 movie by chance. I had gone to buy the movie “The Best man Holiday” aka “The movie with an all-hot-men cast”. While buying the movie, I see another one written “Bestman” I inquire from maDVD whether there is a connection between the two movies and he tells me it’s a prequel to “The Best Man Holiday” I decide to buy both. Wouldn’t make sense to buy one and leave the other then, would it? Shock on me when I start watching it and my guys are not there; no Taye Diggs. No Morris Chestnut? Just some guy who wants to commit suicide by driving a vehicle through the window. This was no prequel! MaDVD lied to me! I was mad at him for 5 minutes, then the baby appeared and I was furious no more. Morris would have to wait for two hours.

Watching the movie at a time when the Deadbeat Dads facebook page was causing a stir in Kenya made me realize the magnitude of the role that fathers play in their children’s lives, and the irreparable damage that is left in the wake of their irresponsibility.

The mothers do good to demand for financial support from the fathers of their children. But when the rubber meets the road, raising a child means doing all in your power to make them feel loved. Sometimes one might have to carry the burden of raising a child alone especially if demanding for responsibility from a partner could only illicit feelings of rejection rather than love.

You watch this movie and you are taken through love, death, regrets and second chances. Regrets, you come to realize, are the most painful emotions to harbor. You realize that you have your children today. You are a parent today. Today is the only gurantee. But that can change anytime because you have absolutely no clue about tomorrow. You don’t know if you will get another chance to dance with your children or to kiss them goodnight.

Regrets. Those are the emotions that will break you.

Forget your deadbeat spouse or partner – their goose is already thoroughly cooked. Are YOU the best parent your children could ever have?

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