The Letter That Stayed In My Purse

Dear Me, Can you hear the music playing? That’s good music right there, won’t you agree? The band is called Mafikizolo. The song playing at this moment is called Love Potion. The song that will play after this one is Ndihamba Nawe by the same band. When this song starts to play, the crowd will stand up and look towards […]

Tell Them How Much You Love Me

I’ve wondered sometimes. That if I left you, wouldn’t my life be better, much better than it is right now? That today, this very day, if I looked at my image in the mirror and told myself, “Woman, you’ve had it. You deserve better. Enough, woman, is enough,” if I convinced myself to leave you and get myself a better […]

I’m Sorry

I started to write a letter to you the other day. I thought I was ready. So I powered up my computer and flexed my fingers ready to start typing. I knew what I wanted to say. I had given the letter a title. I’m sorry. It was an apology letter. Naturally, those are the first words I typed. I’m […]

You Don’t Want Me

Ringing phone. Interrupted sleep. I pick the damn thing from the nightstand to answer it but place it back as soon as I see who’s calling. Maybe I roll my eyes a little. I don’t know. I check the time and it’s 6:29 am. So early for me given the late night I had. I’m supposed to still be sleeping. […]