About That Pregnancy

About That Pregnancy

She buys a pregnancy testing kit. She pees on it. She waits. She drums the top of the bathroom cabinet with her long fingernails. She waits. She breathes heavily. She waits. She looks at her face in the mirror. Does she look fat? Has she added some kilos? Are her cheeks looking puffier? She waits. Her gaze travels down to her chest. Her cleavage. She cups her right breast. Does it look bigger? She waits. The left one. Does it feel sore? She waits. Back to her face. She looks tired. She feels tired. Her eyes. She needs to go back to bed. Just for an hour or so. She knows. It is 9am in the morning. She needs more sleep.

She checks the kit.

She is pregnant.

And then her story begins.

The beginning always starts with one step. For progress to be made, that first step has to be followed by another step. And another. And another.

The first step of motherhood is that positive pregnancy test. The first step of a relationship is the exchanged smile and the hello. The first step of marriage is “I do”. The first step of entrepreneurship is a business idea.

A business idea. And the story begins.

The beginning is always tough. Always unpredictable. Always jumbled up. Always lackluster. Always small.

The beginning is cramped with morning sickness. Fatigue. Uncertainty. Maybe even a little fear.

A business idea is like that positive pregnancy test. It stares at you in the face. Unflinchingly. Promising to give you a baby. Daring you to take the next step.

The idea at this point is just like an embryo. It has not taken shape yet. You cannot tell the head from the tail. There are no eyes. No feet. No hands. Just ideas of them. You want this idea to grow into a bouncing baby.

You also want the morning sickness to ease off for pete’s sake. You want a smooth pregnancy. That is not too much to ask now, is it?

Most importantly, you want to carry the pregnancy to term. You don’t want to start bleeding before time. You cannot bear the thought of going into premature labour. So no. No miscarriages please.

You hope that someone will hold your hand through the pregnancy. Because that would be nice. Really nice. You would not mind having your swollen feet rubbed either. Neither would you mind having your hair held back as the sick leaves your guts to land in the sink early in the morning.

This is about the time when She Leads Africa (SLA) will come to your mind. Because you have heard that they help women with business ideas such as yours. Going with this flow of thought, you will come across the SheHive Nairobi event to be held at Nairobi Garage, Waiyaki way. An event that will bring together young female professionals and entrepreneurs to learn new business skills, to network with their peers and connect directly with potential mentors and investors.

And just like that, you will have found yourself a hand to hold. You want that. Who wouldn’t want that?

You will go through the list of activities planned for the four-day boot camp from 30th June to 3rd July. With a smile on your face, you will note that the list of speakers include big names and great minds, some of whom are Bob Collymore, Hilda Moraa, Nik Nesbitt, Wanjira Longauer, Shamim Ehsani, and Andreata Muforo.

In those names and in the various workshops spread out through the 4-days, you will find your ticket to a healthy baby. That will be your ticket to birthing a child that you would not hesitate to show off to the world. You will want this baby now, more than ever. Your dreams of carrying it in your arms will now start to look like an achievable reality. You will therefore look forward to the day you will look at that child all grown up, all formed, all organized, all a bunch of enviable success, and say; “I helped create this awesomeness!”

You will look forward to thumping your chest, rightfully so, and claiming your victory. Because you will have done it. You will have grabbed your dreams with both your hands, you will have allowed an idea to manifest into a dream come true.

You want this success story. And you need to attend the SheHive.

So you will do what anyone who sees a glaring opportunity does; grab it. You will proceed to clear your calendar from Thursday, 30th June to Sunday, 3rd July. You will purchase your ticket here – just before they run out. You will then get ready to have your entrepreneurial journey made clear, your dreams come alive, your questions answered and your appetite for success whetted.

What else can I say other than, you go girl!?


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