Stay And Yell At Me – Part 2

It sounds so wrong to say it. My daughter, Emma, is apparently not my daughter. I haven’t wrapped my head around the utter what-the-fuckness of all this. I’ve been living with my friend Isaac for three days now. My wife, Alice, and I haven’t spoken since I left her. Stay and yell at me Charlie, she had pleaded. I didn’t […]

Stay And Yell At Me – Part 1

Isn’t that what they say? That don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? So we’re in the car, right? And it’s not a big yellow taxi, no. It’s just a humble Camry that we bought a few months after our wedding. We skipped an extravagant wedding for this baby. You and […]

Naked, But Not Exposed

This story begins with me taking off my clothes. The black boots come off my feet first. They are followed by my short navy blue dress that really did little to hide my thighs. I take off my red Victoria’s Secret bra and hot on its heels come off the matching panties. I slide those off to my knee and […]