Let It Hurt

You are a human being. What this means? You are made of flesh, bone and blood. All these are secured underneath a layer of skin. The blood ensures that oxygen is transported to your heart (you remember biology, don’t you?) Your heart therefore keeps beating. You are able to function. You breathe. You are alive. Imagine if you were to […]

With This Ring

Sunday afternoons are perfect for telling romantic stories. As you sit in your bedroom, able to witness from the window the sun hitting the earth so fiercely that it could light a fire. With the wind blowing in through the open windows sending relief to your sweaty body. With the sound of the swishing tree leaves that obey the wind […]

Who Am I?

Hi. My name is – was – Circle (I think). I am not an alcoholic (though I would prefer alcoholism to this). True to my name, I was round and curvy. Complete. Whole. And all those nice words. You could call me beautiful and I would answer to it in a heartbeat. Now that I think about it, I really […]

A Story Is Served

Wouldn’t you like to hear a good story? A sweet story? A delicious story served just right? With the right ingredients, great seasoning and in the best, most appropriate temperature? Would you like to hear of a story say, about love and life and the important things that make the universe go round – axis to axis? Stories that make […]

Two For The Price Of One (Part 3)

Kev. I remember! The night had been young. Kev had appeared. He was like clockwork, this Kev guy. And it was Friday. He always came on Friday – and we will ignore that pun. He paid well too. Too well. More than he should. But that was because he loved me. Kev loved me. Was he married? Yes. With children? […]