Painfully Neat

Few things in school could put a smile on a girl’s face. More so if she was in a boarding school. Having a teacher commend her for being ‘painfully neat’ is one of those things. We are always hearing the same stories about school life. The cold water showers early in the morning, the punishments when we went to class […]

A Five-Year-Old Vs An Eight-Year-Old Mind

At five years old, you really don’t care much about anything. Not about that woman on the other side of the phone who is under the weather, lying in bed with drugs running through her veins, their effect making her drowsy so all she wants to do more than anything is to grab some shut-eye, but she will not do […]

After All: 2015 In One Sentence

A long while after trudging in feeling all fresh and unadulterated, smelling like that new shoe bought (not from a mitumba dealer – please! – but) from the Chinese -, Turkish -, or Dubai – stocking footwear dealer, the shoes therefore having never known the feel, the (foul) odor, the contour or the sweatiness of any other feet; after giving […]