So The Fat Lady Has Sung…

She has sung beautifully, skillfully. Has hit her high notes as perfectly as Mado Robin. Her singing has left you wondering how it is she is able to hold her breath for so long. She has given it her heart and soul. The fat lady has sung so clearly and so well. She has not forgotten to throw in her […]

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

“Do you know where your children are? Because it’s now twelve o’clock If they’re somewhere out on the street Just imagine how scared they are” (Michael Jackson, ‘Do You Know Where Your Children Are’ lyrics) The feeling is that of anguish, frustration and immense fear. That is the emotional turmoil that a parent goes through when for any reason, they […]

Don’t Wake Me Up

Sprawled. That is the word you will think of when you see me lying in bed. I will be lying on my back; legs and arms spread out to remind you of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. If I open my eyes to look up, it will be to see the ceiling. If I turn my head to my right, it […]

I Know Enough

I know how it will feel. Words will fail us, typically. I will avoid looking at you – blame it on my shyness? To cover up, I will try to talk. My foot will end up in my mouth a few times. I know that you will see through that. I will say a few stupid things in a bid […]


To walk with Patrick or to walk away from Patrick, that is the question. Patrick was not supposed to meet me. But the fact that he did means that something went wrong somewhere; either he did not say his prayers in the morning, or he said them too hurriedly that God thought “O, that’s it? Out of the 24hours I […]

From the outside looking in

I am no expert when it comes to matters to do with men. That is because I am as female as they come; emotions in the truckload with erratic mood swings to boot. Through this body, pregnancies have been carried, oestrogen has had the chance (and grabbed it) to flare up, morning sickness has been nursed and children have been […]