Holding Hands And Conversations

I find my hand always seeking hers subconsciously. I notice how small her hand is. How small she is. I notice how young and innocent she is. How beautiful and fragile and alive and accepting and unassuming and embracive she is. You have to love Heidi: Her person, her smile, her sweet baby voice. We are heading home from school. […]

Storymoja Read Aloud Breaks The World Record

The Storymoja Read Aloud final official tally has unofficially broken the World Record for Most People Reading Aloud from the Same Text at the Same Time from Different Venues! The Storymoja Read Aloud held on June 15, 2015 managed to rally together 229,043 children from 1,097 schools across 44 counties. This number does not take into account the number of […]

Interrupted Moments of Silence

Mornings and I are not BFFs. We tolerate each other simply because we have to coexist. We wave, mumble a hello and that does it for good deeds for the day. I dislike early morning conversations too. I consider them unnecessary. What do you really have to say that cannot wait for the sun to come up and for your […]