How To Acquire A Heavy Heart

Get into the half-empty bus. The usual noise will greet you; murmurs from passengers and shouts from touts. Ignore the noises. Find a seat not too far behind. Sit next to the window and hope that whoever will sit next to you will not be some horny guy who will be rubbing his knees against yours. Hope hard because you […]

Dear Kenyan Father, Happy Father’s Day!

To walk your daughter down the aisle. To take out the trash. To fix your daughter’s car engine. To give your son the contacts of the best mechanic in town. To fix the light bulb. To teach your young daughter how to ride a bicycle. To check out her fiancé when she is ready to get married and scare him […]

The Proposal

No knee went down. No ring was held out. No song bellowed from a stereo. Not even Jason Derulo’s ‘Will you marry me’ – si that would have been perfect? There was no table set by the beach, no ocean or endless waters to stare at to get the illusion of eternity. No candles danced in rhythm with a nonexistent breeze.  No […]