To Be A Single Mother

*Phone rings* Caller ID: *Name Withheld* Otherwise known as guy from the Insurance Company Little background Info: I have not updated my premiums for the last three months. I think that is why NameWithheld is calling. No, I know that is why NameWithheld is calling. Me: *Picks up call* NameWithheld: Hi Renee! Me: Hi *NameWithheld*?! How are you? NW: I […]

Something About His Touch

A long, long time ago, I can still remember (did you just think of the song “American Pie”? Well, I did – beautiful song) going out on a date with this guy who was in campus. (That song; God, I am old school!) He suggested a not-too-shabby coffee house in town, one that was of course friendly to his allowance-financed […]