Homage to 2014

You did not start well. What with my father being admitted in hospital at the beginning of the year! We had just ushered you in, for crying out loud. There were no niceties, how are you’s, no introductions? You came in with a bang! As if to say “Brace yourself for this year” When I started rethinking my whole life, […]

Push, Pull and Pluck!

Just as there are many ways of killing a rat, there are as many ways of extracting milk teeth. You could visit a dentist and let them take care of everything as you try to convince your child to allow him to insert metals in and out of their mouth. Or you could tie a string around your child’s tooth […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

Once upon a time…we begin. Or how does your story begin? Better still, how will it end? You know who you are. But who do you tell the world you are? My mother has a myriad of friends. Friends of all ages. Her most recent best bud has been Heidi. My daughter has been asking for her ever since we […]