Man in Distress

The man must have stirred from his deep slumber to the sound of his sobbing teenage daughter in the next room. He wonders what could be wrong. He tries to ignore it for a while. Maybe it is the scolding he gave her yesterday about not listening to music on full blast. Children of nowadays are so sensitive. You can’t […]

The Tears

Today is the day! I am to go for an ultra sound. I was awake most of the night wondering what the sex of the baby I was carrying was. Would it be a boy? I already have a girl; wouldn’t it be nice to have a boy? It would be nice. It would be neat. Having a boy and […]

The Process

Steven Pressfield (the writing tsar) tells a story in his book ‘The War of Arts’ about how after finishing his very first manuscript, he went with it to visit his mentor. He was feeling good about himself – anyone would. He had worked on the manuscript painstakingly for a long time, little wonder why he was so proud of himself. In […]

THE Break-Up

This is how I used to handle a breakup. I would cry, and cry and cry. I asked questions, I got the answers to those questions. I searched my soul. I prayed for strength.  I got said strength. I picked myself up. Dusted myself off. Wiped the tears and got back to living. Life is for the living. Not for […]

Wishing you success!

Do you remember how it felt for you? Were you ready? Did you panic? What rituals did you go through to ready yourself? Did you receive those success cards? You know the ones; those with a lady and a guy. The lady has her hand over the guy’s shoulder? And they were in some secluded plantation somewhere? The guy wore […]