This Kalenjin Woman

“If I ask you something, will you lose your train of thought?” she asked. I was typing furiously trying to come up with a decent word count for an article that was to be posted in an hour. “Yes I will” I said. Then I smiled when I realized that she had already asked me something, I had already answered […]

The Box of Wine In My Fridge

I started a workout regimen where early in the morning, once the kids are out the door and off to school, I pick up my skipping rope, head outside in the yard and get down to skipping, stretching and doing a bit of physical fitness.  It is normally cold at this hour, sometimes misty. When all you do is sit […]

Two Become One

I have an overwhelming urge to begin this post by grabbing an imaginary mic and blowing air into it to find out if it works. Pfff! Pfff! I will then tap it three times to further confirm that it really does work. Then I will boom into the microphone and with a loud voice announce; “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are […]

Do Not Resuscitate

When patients are seriously ill or terminally ill, CPR may not work or may only partially work, leaving the patient brain-damaged or in a worse medical state than before the heart stopped.  In these cases, some patients prefer to be cared for without aggressive efforts at resuscitation upon their death. A patient, family member or friend may consent to a […]

Crying Space

When have I not cried? Yeah, that is an easier question to answer than; when have I cried? This gets me more to the point because I have cried more times than I care to remember. I cried when the Titanic sunk in the movie Titanic. When Phoebe gave up the triplets she had been carrying for his brother in […]