The Magic Bean

“First tell us a story then sing for us. When you are done, we will all pray and go to sleep” Hailey clearly gives the sequence of events when I try to send them to slumber land with just a prayer. Heidi nods in agreement with her sister. A prayer is never enough. A short story, a song, prayer, then […]


The shower is running in the bathroom. She can hear him in the shower. Her mind’s eye sees him standing stark naked as he lets the warm water caress his body. She is in the living room watching images run sequentially on the TV screen. Some lady is yapping about something, but she is not listening. He clears his throat. […]


She is the epitome of African beauty; short hair, dark complexion, white dazzling teeth. She walks with grace. She has a smile permanently plastered on her face. She is beautiful. Shanterina is a goddess. She comes to me whenever I need her. I don’t even have to call her, text her, snap my fingers or anything. She just appears. Just […]

Loosening The Grip Of FGM

I read with keen interest Dr. Tabitha Mwangi’s take on FGM  and was happy that someone had started this conversation. I had been following the recent reports about the continued practice of FGM by some obstinate communities. I hope by keeping the conversation going, we can do something, however little, to end this barbaric practice. I believe that the only pain that […]

I am a writer!

When you quit your job, you take up another task of having to explain to everyone you meet what it is you do now. This is because your job gives a glimpse into the kind of person you are. Yes, you are what you do. A name doesn’t say much about you, but the minute you say that you are […]

Nothing New Under The Sun

I am clicking away at my phone camera taking numerous photos. There are things that don’t happen every day. This is one such thing. You don’t see this everyday! “Are you taking a video?” someone asks “A video. I should take a video!” I think aloud as I switch from camera to camcorder. Why did I not think of that […]

Modern Day Polygamy: Pick A Number

First it was Linda Muthama. And then Cecilia Mwangi, former Miss Kenya, followed hot on her heels. Celebrities (I use this term loosely) trying to ‘justify’ their place in society; the place of a second wife. Cecilia admits that Linda’s coming out on her polygamous arrangement emboldened her to do the same. They are vilified unjustly and they urge the […]

To be a child again

It’s pretty simple, if the bus doesn’t find you waiting, it leaves you. We all know this and that is why on this morning, realizing that we were running late, we tried our best to perform miracles. I beseeched the girls to gulp their tea instead of sipping it with pursed lips as their pinky fingers saluted the sky a […]