The Wall

I finally witnessed firsthand what Mutahi Ngunyi was saying the other day about the tyranny of numbers. He said it unapologetically, with a hint of arrogance; that Jubilee had a better chance of winning the last general elections because well, they had the tyranny of numbers in their favor. We were disappointed at his audaciousness. How dare he? We were […]

Coloring within the lines

My daughters have answers to every question asked. Check out our conversations recently: Hailey: (Makes a sound; half-belch, half-hiccup, half-cough) Me: (Teasingly) Did you just belch? Hailey: No! I don’t belch. Me: You don’t? Hailey: No. I am not a boy! Me: (Rolls eyes in defeat) Me: (Offering Hailey her 4 o’clock tea) Do you want bread or pancakes to […]

Greetings from Sotik!

Walking between the raindrops, Riding the aftershock beside you, Off into the sunset Living like there’s nothing left to lose Chasing after goldmines, Crossing the fine lines we knew Hold on and take a breath, I’ll be here every step, Walking between the raindrops with you. –Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse & Natasha Bedingfield If ever you are to move […]