Is Polygamy the solution to Infidelity?

When this question was asked by Citizen Tv during prime time news, I frowned in puzzlement. How could they ask such a question?  Polygamy is infidelity! Isn’t it? The question followed a story that had been highlighted about a Pastor from Kisumu who has four wives. “My 4 wives and I” – the news segment was called. The party of […]

Moustache & Mascara

This person sat next to me in a bus headed to the city. I was seated next to the window, like I always prefer to, and they occupied the seat next to me to my right hand side. As the vehicle snaked its way through the afternoon traffic, I became aware of an extra pair of eyes staring out of […]

Scramble for Excellence

I opted for the third row from the front, a few meters away from the podium. I sat on a seat at the end of the row, next to a gentleman who was reading a newspaper. There were a few of us. The meeting was to begin at 9.30am. Please keep time, the letter had said. I was twenty minutes […]

Star-Crossed Lovers: A Kenyan Story

A story unfolds of a young Kenyan man in his twenties. Let’s call him Romeo. He had the hots for one woman – we shall stick to the script and call her Juliet (Every Romeo deserves a Juliet, right?). They loved each other – a good thing. But Juliet was married – a bad thing. Theirs was what qualified to […]