Man & the Contraceptive Pill

In my world, there are things that do not mix. Foods like sweet potatoes taken with salt (yuck!) or sour milk with sugar (double yuck!). Outfits like skirt suits and my body don’t see eye to eye in the same way that Nancy Baraza and frisking don’t. Knowing these facts, I try not to upset my life by mixing these […]

Is That What You REALLY Want?

Dear Diary, Today I went to see a doctor about the migraine that I have been complaining about. While there, something interesting happened that I thought I should share with you. Like any other hospital’s waiting room, there were other women who needed medical attention like me. We all waited having picked our numbers, listening out for our numbers to […]

My Sponges

Starting today, our ‘sponge’ is home for the school holidays. That is what Hailey’s Headmistress called our children when we joined them for the school parent’s day today. “They will absorb everything you do like a dry sponge takes in water. They will imitate everything regardless of what you say to them. When it comes to children, action indeed speaks […]