House Helps 101

When it comes to house helps, I have seen it all: clean slovenly, young old, saints and sinners. When one therefore comes knocking at your door for employment, be forewarned that you might be welcoming one of the following into your abode; 1. The Soap Opera addict – She will wake up early to do her chores shoddily chapchap, in […]

Love via Skype

“You cannot govern the country through skype!” the Kenyan PM retorted to his opponent recently during the first ever Presidential Debate in Kenya. Interesting I thought. How about love. Can you love via Skype?LDR (Long Distance Relationships) Is it a venture for the brave? The trusting? The patient? I read an article the other day where some guy was trying […]

Sights and Sounds of Nairobbery

The only seat available was the one at the back. Both seats next to the windows on either side were occupied and I was left to sit in the middle of two ‘Gentlemen’ – or so i thought. As the matatu I had boarded joined the rest of the Nairobi traffic, music blared off its speakers and the conductor whistled […]