Gertrude Mungai: What exactly is she selling?

Did you watch that episode on K24’s Connect where Gertrude Mungai, the co-host of the show, was demonstrating how some ‘mombasa raha’ positions can be carried out to maximum satisfaction? Well, if you didn’t, youtube will always help you out. I am sure you have an opinion on it, but first things first. Did you blush when she boldly got […]

The Church of Play

Allow me to let you in on the drama that unfolds when you take a child Heidi’s age to church. She is two years old now and at her age, she can talk – boy, can she talk! She is however still new to socialisation and  cannot be left with unfamiliar faces without her making a fuss. The deal with […]

Rules I live by

1. I will respect myself2. I will avoid, like the plague, people who try to put me down3. Whether for publication or not, I will always write.4. I will always start a sentence with a Capital Letter; in a meaningless text, a status update on social media or an official document. 5. When it’s called for, I will spank my […]

“Mum, who gave birth to me?”

We were setting the breakfast table, my dancer and I. Hailey and Heidi sat on their small plastic chairs; Hailey’s is purple, Heidi’s is lemon green. Should Hailey sit on the lemon green chair, or Heidi on the purple one, there will be war! The day was a saturday, the 29th of December 2012 and since each child sat on […]

I’m Still Standing

Just in case you were starting to wonder, yes I did make it to 2013 and I see, so did you – Congratulations!Truth be told, I gave a sigh of relief as I bid good riddance to the year 2012. What a year it was for me! It punched me in the face, in the stomach, all over and when […]