Perfectly woman

I am a woman. And like every woman, I have my good and PMS-y days. I get emotional, irrational and I even overreact sometimes. When it’s all too much, I have a good cry and when am through, I am as good as new and it’s on to the next one… Staying faithful to womanhood, I take a minute or […]

Love Is Blind…No More!

Behold, she was blind, but now she can see! I’m talking about love. She went ahead and got herself a good pair of eyes. And in the case where she found her vision impaired, she got herself a pair of glasses to boot. She was blind when Titanic’s Jack threatened to commit suicide in solidarity with Rose “You jump, I […]

A letter to my 13 year old self

First of all, let me start by saying that you ain’t seen nothing yet! You are still cooped up in that shell you are so used to; quiet and shy, a girl of few words, but with a smile for everyone. For starters, that smile will be wiped off your face soon when you realize that like every woman, you […]

Honey, lemon & something for the pain

I’m tired, hungry, and irritable. But mostly tired. No, mostly hungry – No tired. See, I can’t even make up my mind which one is worse; the hunger or the exhaustion! I’m at the waiting room of a hospital’s pediatric casualty unit. As I wait for the doctor to see my daughter Hailey, I have decided to torture myself with […]