The Proposal

No knee went down. No ring was held out. No song bellowed from a stereo. Not even Jason Derulo’s ‘Will you marry me’ – si that would have been perfect? There was no table set by the beach, no ocean or endless waters to stare at to get the illusion of eternity. No candles danced in rhythm with a nonexistent breeze.  No […]

How do you want to be loved?

One woman will feel special if her husband showers her with gifts; a brand new car, expensive jewellery – the whole glitzy shebang. Another woman will feel special if her boyfriend sits with her to talk about nothing and everything for hours on end. Yet another will feel loved if the man takes his responsibilities as a father and a […]

THE Break-Up

This is how I used to handle a breakup. I would cry, and cry and cry. I asked questions, I got the answers to those questions. I searched my soul. I prayed for strength.  I got said strength. I picked myself up. Dusted myself off. Wiped the tears and got back to living. Life is for the living. Not for […]

“Sasa Mwanamke, Utafanya Nini?”

I like men who underestimate the power and strength of a woman. What am I saying…I don’t like them. I LOVE them! I engaged such a man recently. We were talking about politics and somehow we ended up talking about women in relation to men. How we ended up there, I don’t really know. We started with discussing how politicians […]

If Only Marriage Was All About Love!

Love is beautiful. And we all fancy a beautiful love story, don’t we? Boy meets girl. He falls in love. She falls even deeper. He can’t stay away from her. Society says he should. Girl’s parents say she should. She leaves her parent’s home to live with him. She is warned against seeing boy. She refuses to hear any of […]

Let’s Talk About Jane

The grapevine is rife with gossip about Jane’s marriage. Jane is a neighbor of mine. She is was married to George but I have been made to understand that George has had enough of her. He is leaving her, he has decided. From the intelligence that I have gathered so far, Jane bit her husband’s finger. To be fair to Jane, […]


The shower is running in the bathroom. She can hear him in the shower. Her mind’s eye sees him standing stark naked as he lets the warm water caress his body. She is in the living room watching images run sequentially on the TV screen. Some lady is yapping about something, but she is not listening. He clears his throat. […]

Is Polygamy the solution to Infidelity?

When this question was asked by Citizen Tv during prime time news, I frowned in puzzlement. How could they ask such a question?  Polygamy is infidelity! Isn’t it? The question followed a story that had been highlighted about a Pastor from Kisumu who has four wives. “My 4 wives and I” – the news segment was called. The party of […]