Stab me, baby

Stab Me, Baby

I should have known my place. I am sorry. I should have remembered who I was dealing with. A respectable member of society. A suit-wearing family man. You. A loving husband. A caring father. A[…]

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Lie to me, death, illness, chronic illness

Lie To Me

Tell me that I’m beautiful. Stroke my cheek and tell me that my face doesn’t look ashy. That it doesn’t need some color because it has enough color. It has enough color, honey. That it[…]

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She's With Me, Dark Alley, Street Life, Love

She’s With Me

I would kill for her. No point lying to you. I have killed for her. I open my eyes to find her face barely an inch away from mine. I could have been woken by[…]

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Stained sheets, Domestic Violence, Women, Abusive marriage, Fiction Friday, Love

Stained Sheets

The white sheets have blood stains on them. I leave the bed and head to the living room downstairs. I find him, sitting on the couch, his hands cradling his head. The heels of his[…]

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Can you hear the drums, Childbirth, Pregnancy, Curses, Generations, Labour pains, Nairobi Hospital

Can You Hear The Drums?

It is 4.17am. There is a drum beating somewhere. My eyesight might be failing me, but my hearing hasn’t bailed on me yet. I can hear it loud and clear. It beats continuously. Dam daram…dam[…]

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Alcoholic Man

You are an Alcoholic

It starts with a kiss (doesn’t it always!). Your lips touch the glass (or bottle) with naïve curiosity. You take a sip and taste the liquor on your tongue. Doesn’t taste so good, you think.[…]

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