It’s Not Over Until The Soon-To-Be Dumped Lady Eats

Think dinner. Beautiful setting. Magnificent restaurant. Delicious food. Excellent ambience. Some wining and dining is underway. The establishment encourages this and plays some good music which adds to the aforementioned ambience. All you hear are murmurs, light laughter, forks and knives hitting china plates. The lighting doesn’t disappoint either. The tables are strewn with couples. Everyone is having a good […]

The Tears

Today is the day! I am to go for an ultra sound. I was awake most of the night wondering what the sex of the baby I was carrying was. Would it be a boy? I already have a girl; wouldn’t it be nice to have a boy? It would be nice. It would be neat. Having a boy and […]

THE Break-Up

This is how I used to handle a breakup. I would cry, and cry and cry. I asked questions, I got the answers to those questions. I searched my soul. I prayed for strength.  I got said strength. I picked myself up. Dusted myself off. Wiped the tears and got back to living. Life is for the living. Not for […]