Rules I live by

1. I will respect myself

2. I will avoid, like the plague, people who try to put me down

3. Whether for publication or not, I will always write.

4. I will always start a sentence with a Capital Letter; in a meaningless text, a status update on social media or an official document.

5. When it’s called for, I will spank my children for I know what happens when the rod is spared.

6. No one knows more about me than I do and so suggestions on how to live my life will be shelved. If I survived the confusion that comes with being a teenager, I think that in my thirties, it is only fair for Renee to do as Renee feels right.

7. If it doesn’t feel right, I will not do it. I will go with my conscience

8. I will never take what does not belong to me.

9. Consequently, I would never date a married man.

10. I believe that I deserve nothing short of being the only woman in a man’s life.I will therefore not share my man with another woman.

11. I will raise my children. Not the househelp, the television nor the radio. If I don’t do it, Maina Kageni and ‘The BEAT’ will step in to fill the void. I will help them to do their homework, tuck them in at night. They are my responsibility and as long as I shall live, I will always be there for them.

12. I will make what is important to my children important to me.  

13. I will not try to be a man. I will not drink beer, worse still, from a bottle. I will not smoke nor have meaningless relationships/flings.  

14. I will not be lazy as to live a slobbish lifestyle.

15. I will read, listen to music, watch movies and comedies every chance I get.

16. I will stay true to myself no matter how people perceive  me. Why struggle to be like everyone else, when I was born to be unique?

17. I will look beyond the tatters, the glitz, the glamour, the fake smiles and weaves to the person within. Everyone has a story to tell. Amazing what you see when you pull back the mask

18. I will always seek knowledge; from mama mboga, the makanga, the intellectuals and even my children . I will take each day as a learning experience, reminding myself each morning that Renee, you don’t know jack!

19. I will remember that life is difficult, it owes me nothing and the important thing is to survive.

20. I will be thankful. Each good day and every good experience will go into my memory bank. I will revisit those good days to push me through the tough ones.

21. I will remember that I am not perfect and be kind to myself when I make mistakes.

22. I will not pretend to be who I am not.

23. I will be happily married or not at all.

24. I will never apologise for who I am.


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