Goodbye: The End Of A Chapter

Goodbyes are so many things rolled into one: Sad, intense, promising, exhilarating, freeing. Goodbyes are strong. Stronger than ‘see-you-soon’s. Goodbyes seem so final.

I leave my current place of work in a few days. So yeah, that is final. Heart pounding. Butterflies in the stomach. Fear, apprehension, elation, anxiety, anticipation. Leaving any comfort zone is describable using those many adjectives, and then some.

I am saying my goodbyes. When its time to leave, you leave. And it is time. This is the time to put your doubts and fears aside and to forge straight ahead. No looking back. Should I encounter any fears, I will have no choice but to pick them up by their scary horns, look them deep in the eye and explain to them that I will not be cowed. I am on a mission here. I am keeping my eyes on the prize.

That is the only way forward. The way to growth.

Goodbye is inevitable.

In every aspect of our lives, there comes a point of goodbye and the best thing to do when that time comes is to embrace it. You can run, but you can never hide. Don’t hang around with one foot outside the door. Who is it that said that freedom comes when you learn to let go? Do it then. Embrace it!

Goodbye is growth.

It is knowing what you know. Yet wanting to know more. Gnawing persistently at knowledge. Wanting to explore what it out there. Learning. Growing. Interacting.

Goodbye is change.

Embracing change. Stepping away from familiarity. Daring to see things in a different light. Letting the world take you places. Surrendering to your destiny.  Allowing the universe to teach you. Taking what you learn and using it to better yourself, enrich your spirit. Lead a fulfilling life.

Goodbye is the memories.

Cherishing the good times, the laughs, the smiles, the Monday blues, the bad hair days, the opportune helping hand, the shared secrets, the office gossip, the awkward moments after bumping into each other in the cloak room, the conversations during lunch break, the opinions shared. The disagreements. The office ‘parties’.  Wedding and funeral mchangos for colleagues. Weekend hangouts. Shared frustrations at obstinate copying machines refusing to work. The list is endless. Memories.

Goodbye is gratitude.

For having made it to this particular moment. For the person you have become. For the many many incidences that have helped shape you. For the difficult days you thought you would never get through, and yet did. For the hurdles that you managed to overcome along the way. Goodbye is a thank you for playing a part in shaping my destiny. For a chance to prove that I am up to the task, whatever that may be. For preparing me for my next chapter.

Goodbye is a fresh start.

A final chance to right a wrong. To say the unsaid. The parting shot. It is the opportune time for forgiveness. You do not want to leave with a heavy heart; that will only drag you down. You want to leave feeling lighter. You want the past to remain in the past. No baggage. Yes, goodbye is the perfect time to wipe that slate clean. To start over again.

Goodbye is a promise.

A promise to call and say hi, to whatsApp good day wishes, to share good reads, funny memes, a link to an inspirational article. To check up on you when you are under the weather. To keep in touch. To like your facebook page, to retweet your tweets. To wish your son a happy birthday. A promise of a strong friendship, distance notwithstanding.

It is a promise to myself. To be better. To do better. To know better. A promise not to repeat previous mistakes. To work harder. And no matter the place or the circumstances, to keep doing the work.

Goodbye is hello

Hello to the next chapter, the next challenge. It is an introduction to the new; Hi, my name is Renee. And a chance to enjoy the novelty that comes with new experiences.
Growth, change, gratitude, memories, promises… I am feeling so many emotions right now. Goodbye is not a bad thing at all. That must be the reason why cuddling next to the butterflies, there is this excitement deep down in my tummy. There is a fullness in my heart. Clarity in my head. There never was a better time to say goodbye.

One chapter of my life ends here.

As for you reading this, I beg that you stick around. You will get to see more of me henceforth – that’s a promise. The breathings of my heart have never been more pronounced.

Another chapter begins now.

So, hello!


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