Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After, Labrinth, Beneath Your Beautiful, Happy Marriage

Sometimes, you just want to read a good story about a happy marriage that beats the odds to make it to the ever-elusive happily ever after. Because every marriage should be happy. It’s not all about the man cheating and the wife, feeling betrayed by the cheating, whining to death about the betrayal. Or picking…

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Gwen Stefani, Cool, Wedding Bliss, Marriage,

The end. It came sooner than we expected. We had hoped that with our wedding, a new phase of our lives would begin. We hoped that the best part of our lives lay in that union called marriage. Where Zach would call me wife, and I would call him husband. We didn’t know that our…

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Knock, Knock

Knock Knock, Kings of Leon, Don't knock it, Notions

It’s time. Time to knock on that door. The other side of the door has a woman who doesn’t like me very much right now. You wouldn’t too if I left you hanging on our wedding day. The other side of the door is also full of chaos in the form of unanswered questions and…

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Hold Me

Hold Me, Pieces, Rob Thomas

So many things that shouldn’t have happened, happened. I went to see Suzzie. I shouldn’t have done it, but I did it anyway. Her sister told me where to find her. She was in the hotel room. It was fully paid for. She wanted to be alone. She might as well spend the night in…

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Don’t Go

Don't Go, Anna Nalick, Just Breathe, Wedding

How do you ruin a wedding? Well, you start by knocking on his door. The knock is harmless. It is innocent. And, most importantly, it has the best intentions. Others may elevate these intentions and call them noble, even. Delivering a tuxedo to a soon-to-be groom kind of noble, for example. Harmless. Innocent. And noble….

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