I am Renatta Chepkoskei.

You’ll get a piece of me in every post that you read on this blog. If a story intrigues you, and I hope each does, we will have connected, you and I, human to human.

Fiction is, after all, the lie that tells the truth, right?

Read. Laugh. Cry. Share. Comment.

Above all, feel.

32 thoughts on “About Renee

  1. Hi Renee, good stuff going on here. Been coming across your blog on Biko’s site but had never taken time to sit down and read you. Today I did and I am impressed. I may not be a mother, or a woman for that matter, but your tales tug at heart. Thanks.
    Ps, just discovered that some of illustrations have been done by a good friend of mine, Elsardt Kigen. Double thrills!

      1. Luseka you should have introduced me to this goodness 2 years ago. I discovered The reneeissance a week ago.
        Better late than never tho, yes?

  2. Hey Renee am I impressed or what!!! Just stumbled on your page and haven’t left it since…really good stuff.

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