Grow Up And Kiss Someone Else

I see how you look at him. Lustful you. I see how you want Philip to look at you. How you’re dying for eye contact so that he can finally see all those feelings you carry for him. Feelings that are wearing you down and that you don’t want to carry around anymore. Feelings that you are aching to pass […]

I’ll Cry For You Tonight

I wake up ready to face the day. My eyes are a little bit swollen, but a splash of ice-cold water will fix that. After my face bravely takes the freezing water on the chin, I’ll go in for a shower. I’ll sing in the shower even. I’ll have my breakfast, pack my lunch, and head out to work. In […]

I Can’t Leave My Husband

They say that the script goes like this. Stage one, you get married. Stage two, you are happy and even believe that marriage is the best thing you could ever have done with your life. Stage three, you have babies. Those adorable cute angels. Stage four, love fizzles out and your husband starts cheating on you. Or you start cheating […]

Ten Minutes of Incorrect

I need to be stopped. Because it could happen. I could be minding my own business. Wearing my mask, sanitizing, and washing my hands as frequently as possible, you know, keeping COVID at bay? I could be going the extra mile to social distance, and then it could happen. One of these days, I could fall in love with you. […]