Led By A Woman

Led By A Woman, African Women Leaders Symposium, SafariPark Hotel, Transformative Leadership

You’ve heard it said that women are the real architects of society. Then you have witnessed incidences which negate this saying in the form of women going through so many injustices in the hands of men. Then you have doubted the authenticity of that statement, even wondered if when said by Harriet Beecher Stowe it…

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Still A Man

Still A Man, Gynaecologist, Babies, Pregnancy

You are that woman who has been married for seven years. No children have been forthcoming in those many years. You wonder why your womb will not budge. Why it will not honour you with an offspring or two. Two, a boy and a girl, would be nice. You’ve dreamt it, craved it, willed it,…

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Love At 47

Love at 47, DeBarge, The heart is not so smart

Been there done that. That’s what you think. You’ve had relationships. Enough to know how to handle them. You’ve been married. It didn’t work out. You sought divorce. Signing those papers came with some awareness. You now know what you want from relationships. You have mastered the art of love. Mastered matters of the heart….

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I Will Hurt You

I will hurt you, Date, Dating, Dinner, Restaurant

In a few minutes, you will walk through that door. It is a beautiful night. You are a beautiful lady. We’ve been talking for days. Sending messages back and forth – text, WhatsApp, Facebook. We’ve met casually a couple of times in our daily life. Had a few conversations. Today, I am delighted that you…

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Marry Him

Marry him, proposal, marriage, dating, corporate events

You. In a red dress. Holding a glass of wine in your right hand and your clutch bag in your left underarm. What’s that, red wine? No? White wine did you say? Look around you. What do you see? Nice crowd don’t you agree? Beautiful ladies. Handsome men – men you would love to date…

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Goodbye Husband.

Goodbye Husband, Marriage, Twitter, Facebook, Girlfriend, Husband

You’re in a hurry to leave, I know. Your girlfriend is waiting for you outside. In her car. I know she drove you here. You don’t want to keep her waiting, I know. I know, ok? You don’t want me to ask the many questions that fill my mind, I know. And I won’t. Just…

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About That Pregnancy

SheHive, She Leads Africa, Bob Collymore, Pregnancy, Morning Sickness, Entrepreneurship, Business Ideas

She buys a pregnancy testing kit. She pees on it. She waits. She drums the top of the bathroom cabinet with her long fingernails. She waits. She breathes heavily. She waits. She looks at her face in the mirror. Does she look fat? Has she added some kilos? Are her cheeks looking puffier? She waits….

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