She’s With Me

She's With Me, Dark Alley, Street Life, Love

I would kill for her. No point lying to you. I have killed for her. I open my eyes to find her face barely an inch away from mine. I could have been woken by the sound of a police siren, or gunshots being fired, or the Muezzin calling fellow Muslims for prayer, or screeching…

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What If You Loved Me?

What If You Loved Me, Marriage, Love, Relationships, Infertility

That night. You don’t know about that night. The events preceding that night, you don’t know either. And yet, even in ignorance, you won’t love me. Why? You think you know everything there is to know about the material night. It was material because that night is the only reason, apparently, that we are together…

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I Cheated On You

I Cheated on You, Infidelity, Marriage, Christina Perri, A Thousand Years

Tonight, a man and a woman are holding a rendezvous in one of the hotels in the city. If you happen to intrude on them, maybe get your hands on their room keys, happen to open the door noiselessly, if you’re careful to step into the room on tiptoe, careful not to make a sound…

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Mistress Material

Mistress Material, Wife Material, Infidelity, Marriage

When I snooped through his phone and was met by evidence of infidelity strewn all over it, my first instinct was to ask who the hell Kristy was. You remember Kristy, right? I did ask. With little hesitation, I was told Kristy was the accountant to one of the firms he was currently representing in…

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